Owen Architects


Spaces reimagined

Since our practice launched in 1998, we have embraced an open, collaborative culture. Our staff hail from many different nations lending an exciting diversity of viewpoints and cultural references. We believe that conversation, debate and open minds will spark new lines of thought and lead us to the next great idea. We understand that client aspirations and the wider social context are equally important factors in making a project.

Our aim is to create striking, original designs that improve the way our clients live. We are inquisitive, practical and rigorous, with a thorough understanding of structures, materials and processes. Technical mastery is the groundwork that enables us to play harder, imagine further, and bring deft touches of delight to make our work memorable.

Spaces inspire us and by doing what we do, we can inspire our clients and bring their visions into reality.

A space reimagined, is a space designed by Owen Architects.

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