Owen Architects


Bedales Wine Bar

Borough Market, London


Bedales Enterprise

Contract value



Architect / Interior Designer

BD Awards 2019 shortlisted for the category “Small Project”

Bedales is a well-established wine bar located in a potato store built in 1850 with direct access from London Borough Market and Bedale Street.

The brief asked for a more efficient layout and a new first floor terrace under the market roof as well as a fully equipped professional kitchen for an enhanced culinary offering while retaining its historic and industrial ambience.

The relocation of all individual stairs into a combined vertical circulation towards the party wall freed up the main floor spaces and allowed for the bars and seating areas to be located in the prime spaces.

The new industrial style steel staircase follows the triangular layout of the existing structural beams and creates a dynamic three storey void.

The tasting room and its fine wine display in the basement allows for a dedicated calmer space for retail and event purposes, while the ground floor with its street and market presence captures a more vibrant atmosphere. The open professional kitchen located on the first floor is dedicated to a full dining experience with a new glazed aperture providing a visual and spatial connection to the new terrace. The mezzanine level provides space for staff facilities and a small office space.

All materials for the refurbishment and the additions have been carefully selected to pay reference to the prevailing industrial features with a few contemporary insertions to mark the recent intervention, though retaining the long established sense of place.

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