Owen Architects


Hotel Indigo

Boutique Hotel, Brighton



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Interior Designer

Owen Architects are appointed as Interior Designers for a new 98 bedroom boutique hotel, forming part of IHG’s growing Hotel Indigo brand.

Hotel Indigo believes that every hotel should be unique to its location. The interiors of the hotel should form part of the local neighbourhood story by combining authentic local experiences with modern design and becoming an integral part of its environment.


The property is located on the site of former railway coach works and subsequently the Isetta bubble car factory, therefore the hotel design takes inspiration from the local environment and history. Guestroom interiors are finished in three responding styles: Industrial, Bohemian and Cultural, each with their own distinct character and palette of materials.


The hotel includes a new bar and restaurant open for all-day dining to residents and local people alike. Stylistic influences on the design pick up motifs of station rooms, compartmented railway carriages and the contrasting experiences of time between prompt service at the buffet and comfortable time-filling in waiting rooms. From a quick espresso to a full fine-dining menu, all users are catered for.

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