Owen Architects


The Castle

Bar & Restaurant, London


Fuller Smith & Turner

Contract value



Architect & Interior Designer

Appealing both for lunch and evening trade The Castle Pub is an all-day destination. Our brief was to address the overall dated condition of the internal and exterior areas, create better quality seated areas and utilise the exterior spaces to the front.

The design appeals to the younger market and to support the craft beer offering that this particular Fullers pub offers. The design concept was based on the castle in its own right. We have taken inspiration from exposed brick work, stately painted wall panels, wrought iron metal work and a royal Prussian blue central bar, much akin to historic and fantasy castles of a by gone era.

Details to beer pubs, fabrics and lighting take further inspiration from the shapes and patterns found on the chess board, where the knight, the king and the queen can be found together. Through our experience of current F&B trends, we also proposed the use of unfiltered copper beer stills behind the bar, as a central feature.

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